Roundtable Discussions

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The Roundtable Discussions will cover a variety of hot industry topics and feature experts with knowledge specific to the subject matter being analyzed. Live Q&As and chat features will be available for attendees to join the virtual discussion, have valuable conversations and form useful connections.
Topics are subject to change.

Roundtable Topics:

  • Survival – Near Term Plans  
    • Debt Mediation
    • Cost-cutting Initiatives 
    • Force Majeure in operations or lease suspensions
    • Shut-In and Force Majeure Provisions
    • Bankruptcy Code Provisions specific to oil and gas
    • What LNG companies will survive
  • Getting Back to Work / The New Normal
    • Oil and gas futures, financial vs. physical trades, why we need to know this
    • Identifying and purchasing distressed assets
    • Bankruptcy proceedings and how to acquire assets from bankruptcy
    • Storage Capacity and Projections
    • Oil and gas infrastructure: Did we fail to build out the infrastructure to take advantage of the massive increase in oil and gas production; such as storage, refineries, tanker fleets, etc.
  • Future Shock
    • Integration of renewable energy and fossil fuels in your portfolio
    • The new private equity model
    • The virtual oil and gas company
    • Creative ways to finance oil and gas companies in the future, equity, debt, RBL, security instruments, etc.