Summer Seminars

NAPE Expo is committed to providing the most valuable experience to its attendees by offering three days of business, networking and educational opportunities. NAPE partner organization events are appended to our traditional Summer NAPE Expo and Business Conference schedule, adding value to your time in Houston. Get more bang for your travel bucks!

2019 Seminars inlcuded:

IPAA's Oil and Gas Overview Course

August 20, 2019
The oil and natural gas industry is broad and complex, so IPAA has partnered with Energy Training Resources, LLC to develop an information-packed Oil and Gas Overview Course that connects the functional and commercial aspects of the industry. The course has an upstream focus with some midstream information and will thoroughly cover the following topics:

  • Industry structure
  • Petroleum geology and exploration
  • Mineral rights and leasing
  • Drilling and completion
  • Development and production operations

The course is recommended for oil and gas company employees, suppliers, contractors, attorneys, accountants, bankers, investors, traders, insurers, regulators, etc. and qualifies for continuing professional development credits (CPD, CPE, RL, RPL, CPL, and CPL Specialist).

Separate registration required


OCS Advisory Board Half-Day Summer Seminar

August 20, 2019
The purpose of the seminar is to enhance your knowledge of current OCS policies, procedures and practices. The seminar features updates on current issues of interest to those actively engaged in offshore activities. The seminar will be beneficial to landmen, attorneys, exploration and production managers and administrative personnel who have responsibilities in the OCS and should be attended by anyone involved in OCS leasing, negotiations and/or land and lease administration.

Separate registration required


AAPG & HGS Present The State & Future of Technology, Finance & Economics, and Exploration & Production

August 20, 2019

The purpose of these fireside chats is to enhance your knowledge of the current State & Future of E&P, Finance & Economics & Technology in our industry.

As the industry continues to face constantly changing market forces due to several factors, including price volatility, shifting energy policies and geopolitical dynamics, there is an urgency to reevaluate the value chain and sustainable growth strategies with a view to drive superior growth, increase productivity, higher efficiency and safety across operations, while also maintaining efforts to explore and forge new business models. Some of the key areas that we will be exploring are:

  1. Technology: How can this help to reduce the time, error, and risk involved in human labor & increase profits. 
  2. Finance and Economics: How can this help to manage the various risk while delivering superior returns to stakeholders. 
  3. Exploration and Production: How can this help stakeholders to optimally manage resources across varying economic cycles.

The seminar will be beneficial to traders, suppliers, geologists, geophysicists, startups, accountants, investment bankers, private equity groups, landmen, attorneys, insurers and exploration & production managers.

Separate registration required