Prospect Uploads

Prospect Upload

Complete the form below for each of the prospects you will be selling at NAPE. If you are a buyer, please select "buying" and complete the form specifying prospect areas of interest.

Note the following important information:

  • Please note that upload confirmations will be emailed. Editing and correction information will be included on that confirmation.
  • Do not upload the same prospect multiple times (one upload will qualify the prospect for inclusion in the NAPE Network – as long as the upload is completed before the deadline.
  • Do not copy/paste your prospect information, this could cause it to not process correctly in the system. Please type your prospect information directly into the text box provided.
  • There is no limit to the number of prospects a company can upload.
  • The max file upload size is currently 2MB.
  • The uploader only allows 1 file to be uploaded per prospect.
Note: Limit 250 characters. Any text over 250 characters will be cut off when printed.
* required fields
To ensure a successful upload, please refer to the file naming guidelines here.

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