NAPE Week Seminars

NAPE Expo is committed to providing the most valuable experience to its attendees by offering a week’s worth of business, networking and educational opportunities. NAPE partner organization events are appended to our traditional NAPE Summit Expo and Business Conference schedule, adding value to your time in Houston. Get more bang for your travel bucks!


AAPL Petroleum Economics Seminar

February 4, 2020
An engineer explains the creation and use of cash flows in the oil business. The course explains both the concepts and the methods for the inputs:

  • Engineering the volume forecast
  • Predicting future prices
  • Calculating netback prices
  • Estimating operating and capital costs

In addition, this course will address the use of the cash flows for various strategies and situations:

  • Determining Value
  • Making an Investment Decision
  • Assessing Risk
  • Building a Strategy and a Portfolio

At the end of the day, participants should have a functional understanding of each of the dynamics that affect cash flow and an appreciation for their quantification.

This course is approved for 6 AAPL CEUs / 1 AAPL CEU Ethics.

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AAPG De-Risking Unconventional Reservoirs

February 4, 2020

Who Should Attend:

Geologists, Petrophysicists, Geophysicists, Earth Modelers, Drilling Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Completion Engineers, and Production Engineers.


  • Compare conventional and unconventional petroleum systems
  • Understand the risk factors associated with unconventional reservoir rocks
  • Develop an appreciation for unconventional reservoir heterogeneity
  • Evaluate the geochemistry and hydrocarbon potential of unconventional reservoirs
  • Recognize wireline and mud logging usage for evaluating unconventional reservoirs parameters
  • Address the importance of dynamic rock mechanics and rock physics for unconventional reservoirs de-risking
  • Present examples of successful multidisciplinary collaboration in unconventional reservoir development
  • Introduce new and emerging technologies into de-risking unconventional reservoir

This course is approved for 8 AAPL CEUs.

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IPAA Oil & Gas Overview Course

February 4, 2020
The oil and natural gas industry is broad and complex, so IPAA has partnered with Energy Training Resources, LLC to develop an information-packed Oil and Gas Overview Course that connects the functional and commercial aspects of the industry. The course has an upstream focus with some midstream information and will thoroughly cover the following topics:

  • Industry structure
  • Petroleum geology and exploration
  • Mineral rights and leasing
  • Drilling and completion
  • Development and production operations

The course is recommended for oil and gas company employees, suppliers, contractors, attorneys, accountants, bankers, investors, traders, insurers, regulators, etc. and qualifies for continuing professional development credits (CPD, CPE, RL, RPL, CPL, and CPL Specialist).

This course is approved for 7.5 AAPL CEUs.

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AIPN Workshop

February 4, 2020
Seminar Topics:

  • The New AIPN Farmout Agreement – Differences in International Farmouts
  • Domestic (U.S.) vs. International M&A: Differences and Similarities
  • Investment Protection Mechanics in International E&P
  • Exporting the Shale Revolution

This course is approved for 6 AAPL CEUs.

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SEG 2-Day Course – Machine Learning Techniques for Engineering and Characterization

This course has been cancelled.