NAPE is excited to launch its first publication, NAPE – The Magazine for Dealmakers. Advertising in this publication offers the unique opportunity to put your name in front of our diverse audience of landmen, geologists, engineers, geophysicists and financiers from independent O&G companies of all sizes, the majors as well as international players year-round.

Ad Specs

Premium 1-Issue 4-Issues
Outside Back Cover $5,000 $4,250
Inside Front Cover $5,000 $4,250
Page 1 $5,000 $4,250
Opposite Table of Contents $5,000 $4,250
Inside Back Cover $5,000 $4,250
Direct-Mail Insert $3,500 $2,975
Belly Band or Tip-in upon request
Standard 1-Issue 4-Issues
Full Page $4,000 $3,400
Half Page $2,500 $2,125
Third Page $1,500 $1,275
Quarter Page $1,000 $750
Artwork Deadline    
The upcoming artwork deadlines are:
Vol. 2, No. 1: October 2020 Aug. 6. 2020 Aug. 31, 2020
Vol. 2, No. 2: January 2021 Nov. 25, 2020 Dec. 4, 2020
Vol. 2, No. 3: April 2021 Feb. 22, 2021 March 8, 2021
Vol. 2, No. 4: July 2021 May 21, 2021 June 4, 2021

TRIM SIZE 9.0” x 10.875”
For ads with bleed, please add 0.125” to trim measurements on all sides (applicable to full-page and cover options).

Belly Band

Belly band
inquire for specs

Full Page No Bleed

no Bleed
7.6" x 9.625"

Full Page with Bleed

with Bleed
9.25" x 11.125"

Half Page Horizontal

7.6" x 4.25"

Full Page Vertical

5.0" x 6.25"

Quarter Page Vertical

3.7125" x 4.25"

Third Page Horizontal

7.6" x 2.5"

Third Page Vertical

2.425" x 8.5"

Advertising Contract

Interested in advertising? Complete the form below and our Business Development team will be in touch to discuss options, rates and availability.

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FORMAT. Quarterly distribution | full color | print and digital

CIRCULATION. 15,000+ NAPE attendees | Free 4-issue subscription is included with all NAPE Expo registrations

DISTRIBUTION. Mailed quarterly | Available at NAPE Expos


Ad Option 1-Issue Price 4-Issues Price
Outside back cover $5,000 Per Issue $4,250 Per Issue
Inside front cover $5,000 Per Issue $4,250 Per Issue
Page 1 $5,000 Per Issue $4,250 Per Issue
Page 2 Opposite Table of Contents $5,000 Per Issue $4,250 Per Issue
Opposite Table of Contents $5,000 Per Issue $4,250 Per Issue
Inside back cover $5,000 Per Issue $4,250 Per Issue
Direct-mail insert* $3,500 Per Issue $2,975 Per Issue
Belly band** Upon Request N/A
Tip-in*** Upon Request N/A
Premium ads are available on a first come, first served basis; please inquire about availibilty.
Full-page $4,000 Per Issue $3,400 Per Issue
Half-page $2,500 Per Issue $2,125 Per Issue
Third-page $1,500 Per Issue $1,275 Per Issue
Quarter-page $1,000 Per Issue $750 Per Issue

Please make checks payable to and mail to:
PO Box 224531
Dallas, TX 75222

For any additional questions:

Jennifer Palladina
(A-D companies)
(817) 484-3615

Ben Taylor
(E-Z companies)
(817) 231-4562

* Direct-mail inserts: Save on mailing costs by including a promotional piece (postcard, brochure, flier, etc.) with the NAPE magazine. Direct-mail pieces are perfect for advertising a new product or promoting an event such as your booth number in the upcoming NAPE Expo! Space is limited to five pieces per issue.
** Belly band: This hand-placed piece wraps around the magazine and must be removed by readers to open the publication, guaranteeing exclusive exposure to your company. Limited to one per issue.
*** A tip-in insert is a stand-alone item that is attached with temporary glue to an internal page in the magazine. It’s a great way to draw extra attention to your company ad and provide a takeaway piece for the reader.