Questions, Anyone?

NAPE has always been the place the energy industry comes together. Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions on gatherings and travel, we are adapting NAPE Summit to a hybrid event. We will host NAPE Summit in person at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston and virtually on the NAPE Network.

The health and safety of all NAPE participants is extremely important as is the ability to connect and reconnect with industry colleagues, continue to conduct business and help invigorate the industry and economy. Whether attendees choose to attend in-person or online, the hybrid NAPE will ensure all attendees have access to the prospects/producing properties, education, networking and dealmaking opportunities found only at NAPE expos. 

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What safety measures are being taken at the in-person event?


Those attending in person will find safety protocols based on the latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the city of Houston and the George R. Brown Convention Center.

  • Modified expo floor plan: The 2021 NAPE trade show floor will feature separation between each exhibitor
  • Social distancing protocols: NAPE Summit will adhere to social distancing requirements in all aspects of the event. All queuing will allow for of physical distancing, and food and beverage event seating will be set up to accommodate distancing.
  • PPE requirements: Face coverings will be optional for all events. NAPE will provide face masks for attendees, exhibitors, staff, contractors and anyone who requests one during the expo. NAPE encourages use of masks for those who are not fully vaccinated.
  • Safety signage/announcements: Signage will provide reminders regarding masks, health checks, social distancing, hand-washing and other safety measures.


While rolling out the red carpet for NAPE-goers, the George R. Brown Convention Center will be adhering to new safety measures implemented since the coronavirus pandemic began. Following are some of the highlights:

  • Touchless technologies including sliding doors at all entry points, light switch sensors in conference rooms, permanent door stops, water fountains, paper towel and soap dispensers, and payment options
  • Updated cleaning and disinfection measures throughout the facility with a focus on increasing frequency of disinfection in high-traffic areas and commonly touched points
  • Updated sanitizer dispensers with ION Pure plastic with antibacterial agents
  • UV disinfection technology on all escalator handrails
  • Upgraded Merv13 filters throughout the facility
  • Sneeze guards for food and beverage operations
  • COVID-19 signage for social distancing and cleanliness, rope and stanchions for queuing, etc.
  • Elevators are restricted to no more than two people at a time prioritizing ADA accessibility
  • Meeting rooms cleaned with an electrostatic spray disinfection system at the end of each day
  • Three mobile coronavirus-killing air purifiers developed by Integrated Viral Protection (ivpair.com)


Houston’s hospitality, sports, entertainment and transportation industries have taken the following pledge: “We pledge to maintain the highest standards of public safety and health across our city, both for our community and all of our visiting guests. We pledge to research, curate and implement the most medically effective sanitation and social distancing measures available for the health of our patrons. Finally, we pledge to present clear, consistent and timely operating guidelines and procedures in a way that promotes efficient communication.”

For more information on Houston safety precautions, visit grbhouston.com/covid-19 and houstonclean.com.

What is a Hybrid Attendee Pass?

A hybrid attendee pass includes the in-person NAPE events plus access to the NAPE Network. Read more about each Hybrid Attendee Pass here.

What does a Virtual Only Attendee Pass include?

The Virtual Only Attendee Pass includes access to the NAPE Network Aug. 9 – Sept. 3, 2021. Attendees can livestream speaker events, watch on-demand content, browse the exhibit booths and prospects available at NAPE, as well as chat online with other attendees. NAPE Network features:

  • AIPN Seminar | Aug. 9 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • NAPE Partner (AAPL, IPAA, AAPG, SEG) Seminars | Aug. 9 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • Energy Innovation Case Competition | Aug. 9 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • Job Fair | Aug. 9 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • Matchmaking/Meeting Scheduler | Aug. 9 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • Global Business Conference | Aug. 18 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)                                                                        
  • Exhibits | Aug. 19-20 (In-Person), Aug. 9 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • Prospect Listings | Aug. 19 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • Prospect Previews | Aug. 19 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • Connection & Conversations: Women In Energy | Aug. 19 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • Government Affairs Session | Aug. 20 – Sept. 3 (Virtual)
  • One Year Subscription to NAPE —The Magazine for Dealmakers

How do I transfer or refund my current attendee registration?

NAPE Summit will proceed as a hybrid event with in-person event dates from 8/18/21-8/20/21 and virtual NAPE Network dates from 8/9/21-9/3/21. Any registered attendee wanting to transfer or refund their attendee registration/housing will need to submit their request in writing to napesummit@mcievents.com.

Transfer and Refund Options:

  • Transfer in-person registration to virtual-only: Submit your transfer request in writing to napesummit@mcievents.com by January 8, 2021. The remaining registration and housing fees will be refunded in full, minus any applicable credit card transaction fees.
  • Cancel registration: Submit your cancelation request in writing to napesummit@mcievents.com by January 8, 2021. The registration and housing fees will be refunded in full, minus any applicable credit card transaction fees. After January 8, 2021, all attendee registrations and housing reservations will be automatically transferred to the new August 2021 dates.
  • If NAPE Expo LP elects to cancel or is unable to allow in-person attendance at NAPE Summit 2021, NAPE Expo LP will convert existing in-person attendee registrations to virtual NAPE Network registrations and refund the difference in the cost paid by attendee. Or in-person attendee may request a full refund of attendee’s paid registration, minus any applicable credit card transaction fees, by requesting the same in writing to napesummit@mcievents.com on or before August 9, 2021.

Cancellation/Transfer Date

  • Any transfers or cancellations after 6/18/21 will incur a $100 fee.

How do I modify or cancel my current booth/sponsorship order?

Any exhibitor and/or sponsor wishing to modify or cancel their current booth/sponsorship order must submit their request in writing to exhibit@napeexpo.com

Transfer and Refund Options:

  • Transfer in-person booth/sponsorship to virtual-only booth/sponsorship: Submit your transfer request in writing to exhibit@napeexpo.com by January 8, 2021. The remaining registration fees will be refunded in full, minus any applicable credit card transaction fees.
  • Transfer booth/sponsorship to 2022: Submit your transfer request in writing to exhibit@napeexpo.com by January 8, 2021, to transfer your 2021 booth/sponsorship order and fees to 2022.
  • Cancel 2021 booth/sponsorship: Submit your cancelation request in writing to exhibit@napeexpo.com by January 8, 2021. The booth/sponsorship order and fees will be refunded in full, minus any applicable credit card transaction fees. After January 8, 2021, all orders will be transferred to the new August 2021 dates. If the exhibitor/sponsor chooses to cancel their booth/sponsorship after January 8, 2021, the exhibitor/sponsor shall forfeit all monies paid.

Can I purchase a 1-day pass?

There are 4 attendee badge options when registering for NAPE Summit only; we do not shorten or discount the days that the badge purchased offers.

1. Hybrid Expo Only Pass (includes access to the 1.5-day Expo and NAPE Network)

2. Hybrid Business Conference Only (includes access to 1-day Business Conference and NAPE Network) 

3. Hybrid Conference and Expo Pass (includes 1-day Business Conference and 1.5-day Expo and NAPE Network)

4. Virtual Only Pass (includes access to NAPE Network)

Access to NAPE Network is available Aug. 9 – Sept. 3, 2021.

How do I book housing at the discounted NAPE rates?

For housing open dates, deadlines and bookings, please visit our Travel and Housing page.

How do I change my attendee badge or housing reservation?

You can contact MCI for any registration and housing questions:


Is there a student discount?

Students may purchase a pass for $75 if they show a valid student I.D. at the registration desk at check-in. Student passes may not be purchased in advance. NAPE Expo has a requirement that all attendees must be at least 18 years of age.

How do I get a receipt/copy of my registration emailed to me?

You can contact MCI for any registration and housing questions:


Can I purchase a booth onsite?

You can purchase a booth onsite the week of NAPE Summit pending availability. Head to the registration desk on the first floor of the GRB and let them know you would like to purchase a booth.

Please note: You can also purchase a booth online up until the day of the show. Visit our Exhibits page to register for your booth.

Does my booth purchase include attendee badges?

To ensure you only pay for the booth staff you need, no attendee badges are included in your booth registration. Visit our Registration Information page to purchase attendee badges.

Will there be Wi-Fi on the show floor?

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided throughout the entire convention center.

Are there food and drink options available on the show floor?

There are complimentary refreshments available at several beverage stations located throughout the show floor. On Thursday, lunch will be provided to expo floor attendees. On Friday, brunch will be provided to expo floor attendees.

Is there a dress code for NAPE?

Business attire is strongly recommended. All attendees must dress and conduct themselves in a professional and businesslike manner.

Are wheelchairs and/or scooters available during the expo?

Scooters and wheelchairs can be rented to use during NAPE Summit. Rental information is available on the Travel & Housing page.

Premier Sponsors

Steptoe and Johnson
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