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NAPE — The Magazine for Dealmakers brings the insight, excitement and innovation of the NAPE expos directly to your mailboxes and inboxes to keep the NAPE energy going year-round. NAPE magazine is packed with news-you-can-use that informs, educates and helps busy decision-makers make deals happen.

Portrait of Pegasus Resources CEO George Young Jr.

Spring 2024 Issue

 Inside the spring issue:

  • Dealmaker Spotlight: Pegasus Resources CEO George Young Jr.
  • NAPE Recaps: 2024 NAPE Summit, NAPE Charities Celebration and the NAPE/TCU Case Competition
  • Brine Mining for Lithium: The Smackover limestone has roared back to life
  • Women in Energy: Putting together the pieces of the dealmaking puzzle
  • Bitcoin Mining: Offering a 'new market' for natural gas
  • E&P Outlook: Winning back institutional investors
  • H2 Hubs: Hydrogen hub development in the Appalachian Basin
  • Talking Points: Changing the narrative — 3 truths that flip the script on climate issues
  • Executive Education: Unleashing the power of Gantt charts

Magazine Information

The quarterly, full-color print and digital business journal is tailored for energy professionals. It is mailed as a complimentary subscription to the 10,000-plus attendees of the NAPE expos. These decision-makers include executives, landmen, geologists, engineers, geophysicists and financiers from independent O&G companies large and small, the majors and international players.


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  • American Association of Professional Landmen
  • Cudd Energy Services
  • Discovery Land Services
  • Gulfport Energy
  • Houston Energy L.P.
  • IFS
  • King Operating Corporation
  • Nichols Energy
  • Noble Royalties, Inc.
  • One World Petroleum
  • Peloton
  • Quorum
  • Resource Royalty
  • University of Wyoming

NAPE Magazine Archive - Volume 5

Vol. 5 No. 2 - Winter 2024 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on the NAPE Hall of Fame Class of 2024; Energy advocate Chris Liberty, CEO and founder of Liberty Energy founder; M&A outlook on the US lower 48 and the 4 things to look for in 2024; Women in energy with Noela Oliveira Garza; CCUS cost compression; Carbon credits and how the new path works; Policy and regulatory outlook and what to watch in 2024; the Corporate Transparency Act and how to stay on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's good side; NAPE Summit Preview; an essay on the international security upheavals impacting strategic planning; and insight on who owns the heat and fluids in geothermal reservoirs.

    Headshot of Harold Hamm, founder of Continental Resources

    Vol. 5 No. 1 - Fall 2023 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on Continental Resources Founder Harold Hamm; From the Boardroom with Devon Chair Barbara Baumann; Global M&A feature on energy power deals that are poised to grow market share; Women in energy with Bonnie Maillett; U.S. onshore upstream oil and gas prepares for IRA waste methane emissions charge coming in 2024; Negotiating style comparisons; Hamm Institute spotlight on the value of U.S. energy independence; bitcoin mining and upstream exploration Q&A; Scott Tinker's expert insights on managing energy; Managing megaprojects; and extraordinary health care advances thanks to energy.

    NAPE Magazine Archive - Volume 4

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring a photo of energy dealmaker Jack Stark

    Vol. 4 No. 1 - Fall 2022 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on Jack Stark, Continental Resources Inc.; CEO Spotlight on Tom Watson, FORVIS LLP; Women in Energy with Stephanie Rinaldi, CPL, EVP of land and business development, NAPE Deal Sheet; Ruckus Energy; Battery storage; Blockchain and emissions disclosure; Carbon-proofing energy infrastructure; Hedging; Fueling higher ed; Offshore drilling; and Connecting Snickers and Starbucks with gasoline. 

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring 30 years of photos from NAPE expos

    Vol. 4 No. 2 - Winter 2023 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on NAPE Hall of Fame Class of 2023; History of NAPE — 30 years of making deals happen; Energy timelines; Women in Energy — a 30-year retrospective; Offshore wind; NAPE Classic Plus; American Hero Award honoring Anthony J. DeToto Sr.; Recruiting Gen Z

    Photo of two men shaking hands on the trade show floor at NAPE Summit.

    Vol. 4 No. 3 - Spring 2023 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on Cody Campbell and John Sellers, co-CEOs of Double Eagle; Women in Energy — a timeline of history-making women; Energy Policy; Orphan Wells; Renewable Energy; Summit Recap; NAPE Charities; and Q&A with Sec. Esper

    Headshot of Vicki Hollub, CEO of Oxy

    Vol. 4 No. 4 - Summer 2023 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on Oxy CEO Vicki Hollub; Conversations from the C-Suite feature on Combo Curve Co-founder Armand Paradis; the family legacy of Echo Production; a detailed look at pore space challenges and opportunities; Houston's transformation in becoming the world's energy transition capital; fireside chat with Carolyn Hansard, senior director of the Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure portfolio at the Teacher Retirement System of Texas; how NAPE Summit 'hubs' foster dealmaking across all energy sectors; AI-empowered dealmaking; oil refining outlook; and how to use financial metrics from the oil markets to forecast one-year-ahead oil prices.

    NAPE Magazine Archive - Volume 3

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring the faces of attendees at the recent expo

    Vol. 3 No. 1 - Fall 2021 issue highlights included: CEO spotlight on Rusty Hutson Jr. of Diversified Energy; Dealmaker spotlight on Bud Brigham, executive chairman of Brigham Minerals, Atlas Sand and Langford Energy Partners; Big data feature on today's competitive M&A environment; Women in E&P share secrets to success, expectations for the future; Next-Gen feature on Whitney Wickes, co-founder of Rocking WW Minerals; NAPE Summit Recap; Global outlook on energy transition and oil and gas demand; and International focus on green hydrogen.

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring a photo of Kate Richard of Warwick Investment Group

    Vol. 3 No. 2 - Winter 2022 issue highlights included: CEO spotlight on Kate Richard of Warwick Investment Group; Dealmaker spotlight on Allen Gilmer, founder and former CEO/chairman of Enverus; Conversation from the C-Suite with Todd Brooker, president of Cawley, Gillespie and Associates; Private equity in the energy transition; Sponsors for women in energy; NAPE Summit preview; Continuing discussion on women in energy; Oil and gas outlook; Big data feature on blockchain; and Renewables feature on hydrogen.

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring photos of the dealmakers and decision-makers of NAPE

    Vol. 3 No. 3 - Spring 2022 issue highlights included: Dealmakers & Decision-Makers of NAPE; 2022 NAPE Summit Recap; Q&A with former Secretary of State and CIA Director (and dealmaker) Mike Pompeo; CEO Spotlight on Jay R. Young, King Operating Corp.; M&A Outlook; Nuclear Power; Carbon Capture; Bitcoin; and Leadership and Complex Problem-Solving.

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring a photo of dealmaker Nick Dell'Osso Jr. of Chesapeake Energy Corp.

    Vol. 3 No. 4 - Summer 2022 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on Nick Dell'Osso Jr., Chesapeake Energy Corp.; Conversations from the C-Suite with Jon Brumley, Bounty Minerals LLC; Women in Energy with Tracy Lenz, founder of Pecan Tree Oil & Gas; CCUS; Summer Deal Sheet; M&A Outlook; Energy Transition; Climate Economics; Bitcoin Mining; Machine Learning; Cybersecurity; and Energy Security.

    NAPE Magazine Archive - Volume 2

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring an illustration of political luminary Karl Rove

    Fall 2020 issue highlights included: Political luminary Karl Rove; Dealmaker Spotlight on Noble Royalties Inc. CEO and President Scott Noble; CEO Spotlight on Ventana Exploration and Production President and CEO Heather Powell, CPL; International asset diversification; Tight oil and COVID-19; Big data; Oil & gas law; Diversity, equity and inclusion; New rules in capital markets; Summer NAPE Recap; Acquiring acreage position with solar; Geonomics testing; and Effective job seeking techniques.

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring photo of Dealmaker Mike Grimm, president of Rising Star Petroleum

    Winter 2021 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Mike Grimm, president of Rising Star Petroleum; CEO Spotlight on Cimarex CEO Tom Jorden; Halliburton Labs incubator; Women on boards of directors; Tips for returning to face-to-face events; Using LLCs to protect assets; Maximizing cash flow; Five strategy trends; Artificial intelligence and machine learning; Valuation trends and best practices; NAPE Summit/NAPE Network preview; Market intelligence revolution; and Managing stress and building resilience in a challenging time.

    Vol. 2 No. 3 - Spring 2021 issue highlights included: Sun Coast Resources Inc. Founder and CEO Kathy Lehne; Oil and Gas + Renewables; M&A Outlook; Blockchain's Breakout; OPEC+ Tensions; and RealX CEO Luke Glass.

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring a photo of Rick Muncrief of Devon Energy Corp.

    Vol. 2 No. 4 - Summer 2021 issue highlights included: Devon Energy Corp. President & CEO Rick Muncrief; Dealmaking Strategies; Portfolio Optimization; Carbon Capture; ESG; NAPE Summit Preview; and Tomahawk Land Resources Co-founder Clayton Warren.

    NAPE Magazine Archive - Volume 1

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring photo of BPX Energy CEO David Lawler

    Vol. 1 No. 1 - Fall 2019 issue highlights included: C-Suite feature on BPX Energy CEO David Lawler; Dealmaker Spotlight on DBC Resources LP President Donald L. Clark, CPL; Five pillars of global E&P; Evolving North American gas market; Dealmaking trifecta; Speaker spotlight on Chevron Corp. Vice President of Drilling & Completions Kimberly McHugh; and Summer NAPE recap.

    NAPE magazine cover featuring a kaleidoscope of money

    Vol. 1 No. 2 - Winter 2020 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on George Solich, president and CEO of FourPoint Energy and LongPoint Minerals; Speaker spotlight on Parsley Energy President and CEO Matt Gallagher; Global outlook; Perspective on financing the smaller deal; International projections; Big data value; Defending the industry from political risk; and Finding your focus.

    NAPE Magazine cover featuring a photo of Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2017-19

    Vol. 1 No. 3 - Spring 2020 issue highlights included: Dealmaker Spotlight on Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2017-19); NAPE's international prospect theater; Eight trends driving O&G in 2020; New metrics for tight oil; NAPE Summit recap; Women in energy leaders; Depression emerging treatments; and Successful L&D strategy.

    NAPE magazine cover featuring a caricature of EnergyNet President and CEO Chris Atherton

    Vol. 1 No. 4 - Summer 2020 issue highlights included: CEO Spotlight on EnergyNet President and CEO Chris Atherton; International dealmaker Eric Fry; Big data; US shale industry implications; Global energy transition; Best practices for virtual events; Port of Corpus Christi; Virtual Summer NAPE preview; Oil patch litigation; Economic development; and Women in energy mentors.