Summer NAPE

11 — 27 AUG 2020

Hosted on the NAPE Network

Event Update

NAPE has always been the place the upstream oil and gas industry comes together. Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions on gatherings, we can’t bring you the traditional Summer NAPE event we all know and love. The health and safety of all NAPE participants is extremely important as is the ability to connect and reconnect with industry colleagues, continue to conduct business and help invigorate the industry and economy. 

In response, NAPE is bringing you a new service that virtually connects our NAPE audience across the globe. The NAPE Network gives attendees access to the oil and gas prospects/producing properties, education, networking and dealmaking opportunities found only at NAPE expos. True to the NAPE mantra, the NAPE Network will offer a convenient way for decision-makers and information seekers to strategically interact, form connections and make deals happen.

We can’t wait to see you in person on the other side of this pandemic, but until then, we're excited to bring Summer NAPE to you through our new virtual service — The NAPE Network!

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For those who seek to be successful in the upstream oil and gas business, Summer NAPE is designed to offer a myriad of new and unexpected opportunities. Summer NAPE hosted on the NAPE Network offers a unique chance to connect, reconnect and make deals happen.

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If there’s prospect/producing property, product or service to be bought or sold in the upstream oil and gas business, you’ll find it at our expo.

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When you become a NAPE Sponsor, you join an elite group of companies and organizations that have chosen to make their names more prominent at one of the upstream oil and gas industry’s largest and most prestigious annual events. You won't find access to our audience – your ideal clients – anywhere else.

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NAPE reaches producers, investors, vendors and suppliers throughout the upstream oil and gas industry. Our expos draw thousands of attendees, and our email, newsletters and other communications reach this highly coveted audience throughout the year.

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Navigating the acres of exhibitors is an experience in itself, so we've made it easier for attendees to quickly identify specific industry subgroups with these three marks representing the international, Outer Continental Shelf and land exhibitors. Look for these marks in the exhibitor listings online and in the Show Guide.

  • Exhibitor Mark Int'l
  • Exhibitor Mark OCS
  • Exhibitor Mark Land
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