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New virtual ‘NAPE Network’ ensures Summer NAPE is still the place where deals happen


Sometimes we just have to make the most of the cards we’re dealt. Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions on gatherings, NAPE organizers can’t bring you the traditional Summer NAPE event we know and love, but what NAPE can bring you in the coming months is a new service that connects industry professionals with the vast NAPE audience, oil and gas deals, plus a robust learning and collaborative conference featuring industry experts from across the globe.

The NAPE Network is being developed to innovatively serve our industry during these times of uncertainty and social distancing. True to the NAPE mantra of networking and dealmaking, the NAPE Network will offer a convenient way for dealmakers, decision-makers and information seekers to strategically interact and make connections. The concept for NAPE birthed in 1993 was to create a central marketplace for buyers and sellers to come together in one location to make deals happen. Today, our goal is still the same, but because we have been restricted from hosting our face-to-face event this summer, we are creating a central marketplace online. Think Blockbuster teams up with Netflix.

The health and safety of all NAPE participants is extremely important. What is also important is the ability to connect and reconnect with industry colleagues, continue to conduct business and help invigorate the industry and American economy. The NAPE Network gives attendees access to the oil and gas prospects/producing properties, education, networking and dealmaking opportunities found only at NAPE expos. Following are just a few of the benefits the NAPE Network will offer:

  • Companies will have an avenue for showing prospects, services and products to the immense NAPE audience without exhibit setup costs or staff travel expenses.
  • Registrants will gain added bonuses not available at live NAPE events such as access to attendee contact information for scheduling meetings.
  • In these times where traditional networking is not an option, a NAPE Network “matchmaking” feature can pair participants with similar interests for virtual one-on-one chats. This capability is also available on the exhibitor network pages to directly schedule demonstrations or a prospect preview analysis with an exhibiting company representative.
  • NAPE’s wealth of content will be available for an extended amount of time beyond the normal NAPE week of activities.
  • A free subscription to the NAPE magazine is also available to all NAPE Network registrants.
  • A keynote presentation featuring iconic political strategist Karl Rove will be livestreamed and recorded for extended viewing.
  • An unlimited number of companies will be able to make prospect preview presentations to the NAPE audience — a service that is typically limited due to time constraints at live NAPE events.
  • The top-notch business conference sessions for which NAPE is known will be livestreamed with Q&A sessions and audience interaction capabilities as well as recorded for on-demand viewing.
  • Roundtable discussions covering hot industry topics will be hosted on the NAPE Network and feature experts with knowledge specific to the subject matter being analyzed. Q&A and chat features will also be available.
  • In addition to NAPE programming, the virtual platform will provide access to prerecorded webinars posted by NAPE sponsoring companies and covering a wide range of topics beneficial to the industry.
  • Continuing education credits and CLE credits offered at a NAPE expo will also be offered on the NAPE Network.
  • A job network/resource on the platform enables participants to upload résumés and companies to search for talent.
  • Through the NAPE Network, exhibitors can upload maps, videos, white papers and other collateral material to share with the NAPE audience of decision-makers.

Success is not just what you know — it’s also who you know and who knows you. There is no better gateway to industry players than NAPE. As we serve the upstream oil and gas industry by hosting the world’s largest, most successful marketplace and publishing the award-winning NAPE magazine, we are adding the NAPE Network virtual platform as yet another resource empowering E&P professionals to learn, connect, reconnect and — ultimately — make deals happen.

We can’t wait to see you in person on the other side of this pandemic, but in the interim, we hope you will take advantage of our new virtual service. No matter what the environment, we are here to serve the upstream oil and gas industry and be the conduit for making deals happen.

Director of NAPE