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NAPE brings Rockies Expo back to Houston


NAPE Management brings its Rockies Expo back to Houston to strengthen Summer NAPE and improve the experience for attendees with a regional focus on hot plays.

Created in a downturn, NAPE began in 1993, fueled by the simple idea of a central marketplace where prospect generators could come together with buyers and financiers in one location to make deals. Houston — the hub of the oil and gas industry — was chosen as the meeting place for this new type of prospect expo because many oil and gas players were already based or doing business there.

The purpose of NAPE was to give companies wanting to sell prospects and/or share ideas the opportunity to come to Houston for two days and see and be seen by insiders from all facets of the industry — including landmen, geologists, engineers, geophysicists, CEOs and CFOs from across the country — with the potential to find partners for their deals. No longer would dealmakers have to fly all over the world to see clients. Instead, everyone began to meet in Houston for NAPE.

History confirms the concept worked. From its respectable beginnings of 80 exhibitors and 800 attendees, NAPE skyrocketed to more than 1,100 exhibitors and 15,000 attendees.

As our two shows began to grow — and exhibitors continued to sell prospects and make deals —  a new “regional NAPE” concept was considered and tested in the Pittsburgh and Denver markets. While both smaller-scale shows were successful for local participants, our research shows that in this current economic environment, it is actually more advantageous for exhibitors and attendees to focus on our Houston expos — the NAPE Summit global event in February and the more intimate Summer NAPE in August.

Following the decline in attendance at regional shows, NAPE Summit and Summer NAPE will absorb the expos in Denver (suspended in 2016) and Pittsburgh (suspended in 2015) to give prospect generators in the Rockies and Appalachian regions access to 15 times as many potential buyers and business partners — comparing the average 1,000 attendees in Denver to the more than 15,000 attendees at our two Houston shows. Specifically, in 2016 the two Houston NAPE shows hosted 22 percent more attendees from the state of Colorado than the regional Denver show itself. In addition, 56 percent more Rockies prospects were shown in Houston than at the Denver show.

Although Denver NAPE had its successes, it makes more sense to focus on growing and enhancing our two Houston shows while finding new ways to spotlight and focus on regional areas of interest. With this goal in mind, we are planning some new features for Summer NAPE.

In August 2017, Summer NAPE will debut a variety of Hot Play Happy Hour Socials, where you can meet and network with E&P professionals working in your region of business. The following geographic locations and basins will be featured:

  • Rockies, Canada & Alaska
  • Bakken, Niobrara, San Juan, West Coast
  • Permian
  • Spraberry/Wolfcamp/Cline
  • Mid-Continent
  • Scoop/Stack, Fayetteville, Barnet
  • Eagle Ford
  •  S. TX and TX Gulf Coast
  • Appalachian, MI. & IL. Basins
  •  Marcellus/Utica
  • E.TX., LA., MS., GA, AL. & OCS
  • Haynesville/Bossier, Black Warrior, GOM

The happy hours will be hosted in local hot spots within walking distance of our NAPE city block located in and around the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown. Attend one, or attend all. Talk about a progressive way to network!

Our Summer NAPE Business Conference will focus on current activity and the future outlook for  trending locations in the U.S. In addition, our prospect theater will feature presentations by exhibitors highlighting prospects in these different geographic areas, giving attendees a snapshot of what is being offered on the show floor.

In the upstream oil and gas business, NAPE is your gateway for connecting with the decision-makers in finance, leasing and exploration who can make big things happen, both domestically and abroad. We hope the transition from hosting numerous regional shows back to our roots of two robust annual events in Houston will be both cost effective and beneficial to you as you keep your fingers on the pulse of what is going on within the market and as you budget your marketing dollars.

From keeping tabs on your region to seeing what the world has to offer, NAPE has something for everyone. If you’re looking for the connections that will enable you to move forward, NAPE expos can open a thousand doors. Come to NAPE. Where deals happen.