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NAPE Drives Commerce with Expansion into Renewables Market


NAPE Expo's traditional oil and gas companies are rapidly diversifying their portfolios by dedicating a significant portion of their 2021 capex toward renewable energy sources. To accommodate the demand for sustainable energy prospects by our sponsors, exhibitors and attendees, we are launching our inaugural Renewable Energy Pavilion at the 2021 NAPE Summit this August to showcase these new projects. This will be the perfect venue for oil and gas and renewable energy executives, decision-makers and capital providers to meet on common ground to discuss these exciting new ventures. 

NAPE is famous for its unrivaled marketplace for dealmaking. With the addition of renewable energy sources to our oil and gas offerings, NAPE will be the ultimate venue for energy deals — traditional and new-century — as we expand our scope and reach to become a broad and inclusive energy expo. 

Whether face to face or online, NAPE attracts major investors, new concepts and unique opportunities. In a nutshell, NAPE is the avenue for commercializing energy whether you are talking oil, gas, solar, wind or even batteries. The NAPE audience embraces ingenuity, and NAPE Summit will be the ideal gateway for exploring outside-the-box ideas. 

We want to emphasize that our intentions are not to disrupt the oil and gas community and polarize our show; instead, our goal is to bring players from all energy sources together to do business, create jobs and spark the economy during tough times. Don’t be siloed as a “renewable” or “fossil fuel” only executive — utilize the NAPE marketplace and the virtual NAPE Network platform to create new and innovative partnerships in energy! 

The NAPE Renewable Energy Pavilion creates a dedicated space and platform for sponsors, exhibitors and attendees who work in or are interested in learning more about this sector of the industry. Plans are underway to host education sessions on finance and investment, market trends and technology innovations in the Pavilion as well as provide signature NAPE networking opportunities and educational materials related to renewables. On Friday of the show, we will host a networking brunch inside the REP with experts on hand to answer questions and conduct discussions in an informal but intimate networking environment. Attending NAPE this August will give you direct access to energy professionals who have made the transition from oil and gas to renewables — or who work in both areas. As a bonus, renewable prospects will also be available on the virtual NAPE Network platform with filter and search capabilities. 

Equinor’s Energy Perspectives 2020 sums it up nicely: “The world has gone through energy transitions before, where the dominating source of energy has changed from one fuel to another. The late 19th century saw a transition from wood burning to coal, followed in the 1950s by a switch from coal to oil. Since the last energy transition, there has also been rapid growth in gas; significant increases for nuclear and hydro; and recently the emergence of new renewables. These changes in the fuel mix are clearly visible. However, when viewed in absolute demand terms, they are energy additions rather than transitions.” 

Our view is the same: We are adding new opportunities to the NAPE energy mix to help buyers, sellers and investors make deals happen. 

NAPE Summit takes place in person Aug. 18-20 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston and virtually Aug. 9 through Sept. 3 on the NAPE Network. NAPE remains dedicated to providing the place for energy professionals from across the globe to gather together to learn, connect and do business safely. 

We look forward to seeing you in person in Houston and virtually on the NAPE Network in August as we strive to help the energy industry get back to business in 2021! 

Source: NAPE – The Magazine for Dealmakers April 2021 Issue

Director of NAPE