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NAPE Summit goes global


NAPE Summit goes global

One Expo at one location integrates international and domestic prospects into one powerful and opportunity-packed exhibit hall

The NAPE phenomenon continues to evolve as it expands its domestic expo to include prospects from all over the world. Our goal at NAPE has always been to bring the upstream oil and gas industry together. We are excited to be taking another step toward achieving that goal with a targeted focus on the international side of our show at NAPE Summit in Houston in February. With growth and efficiency in mind, the NAPE Operator’s Committee is implementing some new and exciting changes to the international component of NAPE beginning with the integration of international exhibitors within the traditional NAPE Summit Exhibit Hall. And, going forward, NAPE’s international segment will open commensurate with the domestic show and run concurrently.

No longer will international prospects be featured in a separate exhibit hall. International exhibits will be integrated right alongside the domestic booth spaces on the main show floor — giving attendees easy access to opportunities worldwide. At NAPE, we’re committed to helping our international attendees and exhibitors have a successful show and to maximize their experience while in Houston at the Summit, and we believe including prospects from around the world in one exhibit area provides a more productive and efficient business platform.

In the upstream oil and gas business, NAPE continues to be your gateway for connecting with the leasing, finance and exploration decision makers who can make big things happen — both domestically and abroad. If you’re looking for the connections that will enable you to move forward, NAPE expos can open a thousand doors. At NAPE Summit 2016, attendees will be able to delve into prospects of all sizes and locations in one central area. This creates the perfect setting for countries to highlight current and upcoming leasing rounds. Companies that deal both in North America and all over the world will now be able to showcase their domestic and international opportunities from their centrally located exhibit booth. We are encouraging our global players such as BP, Apache, ConocoPhillips and Shell (just to name a few) to take advantage of NAPE’s domestic and international opportunities. NAPE will also host trade commissioners from multiple countries, including but not limited to Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Israel and the United Kingdom, with the goal of advancing the trade (natural resources) of their respective countries.

Additionally, we are expanding our traditional NAPE Business Conference into the NAPE Global Business Conference, which will include elements highlighting international topics and featured speakers presenting on worldwide forecasts.

The most heralded aspect of our international expansion is the production of a prospect-preview theater located on the exhibit show floor featuring a full day of international prospect-preview presentations. This international theater will mirror our domestic prospect-preview theater and run simultaneously but independently. The prospect-preview presentations are a must-attend opportunity for international players.

The original NAPE — North American Prospect Expo — laid the foundation to what industry players from across the globe now know as simply NAPE. Today’s NAPE is not just a one-stop shop for domestic deals; it’s a world marketplace for buying, selling and trading globally. Today, the “North American” in our NAPE acronym merely means NAPE is a global show hosted on North American soil with offerings from all over the world.

NAPE Summit provides a unique opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from around the globe with wide-ranging research interests and expertise in the oil and gas industry. For 2016, we anticipate more than 35 countries being represented. We applaud the success and treasure our domestic players at NAPE, and we are also dedicated to the international nature of this expo with attendees, presenters and faculty coming from all corners of the world.

For investors and decision makers from around the globe, NAPE represents an unparalleled venue for making connections and exploring opportunities. Take your business to the next level. Come to NAPE. Where deals happen.

Director of Communications and NAPE