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One World Petroleum — Our Story


One World Petroleum — Our Story

In the bustling world of business, one thing remains constant: change. Adaptability is the lifeblood of success, and no one understands this better than Alexander Ottewell, an immigrant from England who built his real estate empire from the ground up. From humble beginnings, Ottewell's company soared to transform over 1,000 homes in the affordable housing arena, establishing a reputation for innovation and growth. Yet, as fear continues to loom over the real estate market, this visionary entrepreneur didn't hesitate to shift gears.

The journey from flipping mobile homes to negotiating oil and gas leases might seem like an ambitious leap, but it's emblematic of their boldness and belief in their own adaptability. With a foundation rooted in negotiation skills, risk assessment acumen, and a knack for reading market trends, they approached the oil and gas sector with the same analytical mindset that had served them so well in real estate. This transition, powered by their entrepreneurial spirit, showcased their innate ability to leverage experience across industries.

One World Petroleum’s focus is solely in acquiring low to mid-level producing leases. We believe in the potential these leases hold and are dedicated to maximizing value while also providing you with a fair and competitive market price to create a win-win situation in this volatile industry.

With One World Petroleum, you’re not just selling your assets; you’re forming a partnership with a forward-thinking company that puts your interests at the forefront. Our dynamic approach, strong capital backing, and dedicated team are all in place to provide you with a seamless, satisfying transaction experience.

As an operator, you’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets. When it’s time to sell, you need a buyer who understands your industry and appreciates the true value of your assets. Trust us to provide this understanding and appreciation. Unlock the potential of your assets today with One World Petroleum.

It would be great to connect at NAPE if you have interest in selling your assets. Come visit us at Booth #2637.

Website: OneWorldPetroleum.com

Email: Sales@OneWorldPetroleum.com

Phone: 844-OIL-LYFE