NAPE Week Seminars

NAPE Expo is committed to providing the most valuable experience to its attendees by offering additional educational opportunities. NAPE partner organization events are appended to our traditional NAPE Summit schedule, adding value to your time in Houston. Get more bang for your travel bucks!

IPAA's Oil & Gas Overview Course
Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The oil and natural gas industry is broad and complex, so IPAA has partnered with Energy Training Resources, LLC and developed an information-packed Oil and Gas Overview Course that connects the functional and commercial aspects of the industry. The course has an upstream focus with some midstream information and will thoroughly cover the following topics:

  • Industry structure.
  • Petroleum geology and exploration.
  • Mineral rights and leasing.
  • Drilling and completion.
  • Development and production operations.

The course is recommended for oil and gas company employees, suppliers, contractors, attorneys, accountants, bankers, investors, traders, insurers, regulators, etc. and qualifies for continuing professional development credits (CPD, CPE, RL, RPL and CPL).




AAPL's Surface Use and Access — Short Course
Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Surface Use and Access is designed to familiarize Land professionals with surface rights and the myriad issues associated with acquiring, exercising and preserving those rights. It focuses on why, when and what rights may be needed, and how to research and protect existing rights. It also includes commentary on easement valuation, as well as investigation and resolution of surface damage claims. This seminar offers valuable insight and perspective — particularly in the Bonus Section — for landmen with an oil and gas concentration and for those working in the wind and solar sector. The seminar covers the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding ownership & real property rights
  • Sources of property rights
  • Easement valuation methodology
  • Surface damage calculation & claim settlement
  • BONUS SECTION: How to deal with really difficult landowners



AAPG's Directions and Opportunities in Energy:  Assets, Finances, Technology, and Data
Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The quickly evolving energy landscape provides unique opportunities for the future, as well as some very real cautionary notes as demand is projected to surge, but it becomes increasingly challenging to meet that demand.  Join us as keynotes, panelists, and audience members discuss the outlook for different types of energy opportunities, the best ways to optimize operations and avoid leaks or emissions, and the best ways to find funding or partners for your projects, new technologies, and deals. Prepare for stimulating, informative conversations and transformative networking opportunities.






TOPIC: Keys to Competing in International Oil & Gas
Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The following courses will be offered by AIPN: 

  • Key Differences Between International and US Domestic Petroleum Negotiations
  • International Drilling Contracts  — Knock for Knock and More
  • International Farmout Agreements
  • The AIPN International Joint Operating Agreement



1:00 – 1:10 pm: Introductions and Opening Remarks

ALEX RITCHIE, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, Westminster, CO
JARED HEMBREE, Program Chair, Hinkle Shanor LLP, Roswell, NM

1:10 – 2:10 pm: Commercial and Legal Models for Acquiring Carbon Storage Rights

As interest in commercial carbon dioxide capture and sequestration or storage (CCS) projects is growing, so too is the need for legal and commercial models for acquiring the needed subsurface property rights. This presentation will discuss the basic principles of ownership and liability for using subsurface storage space (or “pore space”), including which estate owns the storage space for particular purposes, the nature and extent of the right to use storage space as between neighboring owners, and the legal problems associated with concurrent CCS and mineral development. It will then discuss the kinds of legal documents needed to obtain rights in a storage reservoir and identify key legal and commercial considerations for negotiation and drafting.

JOSEPH A. SCHREMMER, Leon Karelitz Oil & Gas Law Professor, University of New Mexico School of Law, Albuquerque, NM

2:10 – 3:10 pm: Mineral Buyer Beware

This presentation will examine some of the most common issues faced by title examiners and landmen either preparing title opinions (lawyers) or working on title curative (landmen) for mineral and royalty buyers, including: defining “royalty acres”; fixed/floating non-participating royalty interests; defective legal descriptions and “cover all” descriptions; warranties and quitclaims; “curing” old title problems; correction deeds; resurveyed acreage; and special statutes affecting mineral buyers (example: Tex. Prop. Code 5.151-152). This presentation will cover the basics of these issues and take a look at recent developments in related case law, focusing primarily on Texas but bringing in examples from other states. The speakers may also discuss some “bigger picture” items, such as asymmetric information problems, how to address overpaid royalty owners, and thinking about diligence levels in preparation for an exit scenario. 

BRITTANY BLAKEY, Gray Reed, Dallas, TX
ETHAN M. WOODS, Gray Reed, Dallas, TX

3:10 – 3:30 pm: Hosted Refreshment Break

3:30 – 4:30 pm: Respective Liabilities for Parties After a Breakup With and Without a Prenup (aka a JOA)

Unwinding oil and gas operations can be a challenge both with and without a JOA in place. Parties must consider challenges that include costs and cost overruns, non-operator liability for joint account items, final payment of royalties and other burdens on production, and tort and other liabilities incurred in connection with joint operations. This presentation will examine the respective liabilities of the parties in connection with U.S. onshore operations – with and without a JOA in place. By providing a multi-state approach, the presentation will also address statutory liability of co-owners for environmental claims, unit and pooling reconfigurations and recoupment, and concerns raised by financially distressed operators and non-operators.


4:30 – 5:30 pm: Early Stage Mineral, Site Control, and Title Considerations in Wind, Solar, and Battery Project Development

This presentation will dive into the obvious and less than obvious mineral, site control, and title considerations to be explored in the early stages of wind, solar, and battery storage projects. Once a development project has an initial site plan or project boundary, research into active oil, gas, and mining operations should be conducted to determine whether any of the project’s property is affected by such operations. Less obvious than active mineral development, however, is whether the project’s property is a part of a drilling unit through forced or voluntary pooling—which can occur whether or not wells are present on the project’s property. This presentation will explore some of the state level data base and GIS resources for conducting this research into mineral operations, the project risks posed by the findings, and options available to the developer depending on the results, be it adjusting the project boundary or exploring co-development, if at all possible.

MASHAAL A. BHAIDANI, Husch Blackwell LLP, Austin, TX
DANIEL C. COOPER, Husch Blackwell LLP, Austin, TX


8:00 – 9:00 am: Buffet Breakfast

8:00 – 9:00 am: Oil and Gas Law Update

This presentation will provide an overview of recent case law and legal developments in oil and gas law.

AUSTIN BRISTER, McGinnis Lochridge, Houston, TX