NAPE Week Seminars

NAPE Expo is committed to providing the most valuable experience to its attendees by offering additional educational opportunities. NAPE partner organization events are appended to our traditional NAPE Summit schedule, adding value to your time in Houston. Get more bang for your travel bucks!

IPAA's Oil & Gas Overview Course
Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The oil and natural gas industry is broad and complex, so IPAA has partnered with Energy Training Resources, LLC and developed an information-packed Oil and Gas Overview Course that connects the functional and commercial aspects of the industry. The course has an upstream focus with some midstream information and will thoroughly cover the following topics:

  • Industry structure.
  • Petroleum geology and exploration.
  • Mineral rights and leasing.
  • Drilling and completion.
  • Development and production operations.

The course is recommended for oil and gas company employees, suppliers, contractors, attorneys, accountants, bankers, investors, traders, insurers, regulators, etc. and qualifies for continuing professional development credits (CPD, CPE, RL, RPL and CPL).



AAPG's Emerging Trends in Oil and Gas & Energy: Assets, Data, Finance, Technology
Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Please join us for brief keynotes, fireside chats, and a chance to ask questions of our distinguished speakers and panelists.


Mark Hamzat Erogbogbo, Financial Energy Natural Resources, FENG
Susan Nash, PhD, AAPG

Morning Session: Energy Assets and Funding / Finance

The morning session will kick off with a keynote speech by Jesse Thompson, Federal Reserve Bank. It will be followed by fireside chats by John Hudson (Shell), Dawn McShimsky Porter (Stratum Reservoir), Laura Capper (Energy Makers Advisory Group), and Jeff Chambers (Mineral Answers). Issues of funding and finance in today’s environment will be discussed by Arash Nazhad (Citi), Anas Alhadjji (Energy Outlook Advisors), Dirk Cockrum (BKD) and Alex Rozenfeld (Climate Impact Capital).

Afternoon Session:  Technology Ventures, New Technology, and Data

Dan Pickering (Pickering Energy Partners) and David Reid (NOV) will give a keynote talk, “The Big Picture: What Has to Happen.” It will be followed by brief presentations and a fireside chat by Grace Chan (BP), Amy Henry (Eunike Ventures), Taha Hussain (DK Innovation) and Anupam Singh (Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures). Examples of new technologies will be presented by Ashely Gilmore (Tracts), Dave Tonner (Diversified Well Logging), Moji Karimi (Cemvita Factory), Matthew Barnes (Earthview) and Ryan Dawson (Corva).

We’ll have more keynotes by Liz Dennett (Wood Mackenzie) and Patrick Bangart (Samsung) as well as presentations and fireside chats by Oscar de la Paz (Sensatech), Sashi Gunturu (Petrabytes) and Brandon Burke (Pitchbook).




AAPL's Solar, Net Revenue Interest and Wind Energy Leasing Seminar Bundle
Tuesday, August 17, 2021

This course taught by Phillip Guerra, JD, CPL, Douglas Potter, CPL and Robert H. Wilson III, RPL will cover:

  • New Opportunities – Maximizing Your Acreage with Solar
    • This course will focus on what in-house oil and gas land professionals need to know if a solar developer approaches their company about building a project in their leasehold area. You will learn about the different types of solar energy projects (e.g., BTM vs. FTM) and the land criteria for different solar energy projects (e.g., why has my company been approached?). You will learn about various elements of solar energy projects, including project design, engineering, future surface uses (e.g., pad sites, pipeline), potential title issues, access, permitting, construction and decommissioning. Lastly, you will be introduced to the different options for your company. 
  • What are your calculations to justify your price?
    • Are you wondering what could be for sale and how the asset is priced?
      • For Sale: One Net Acre.
      • For Sale: One Royalty Acre.
      • For Sale: One Net Revenue Acre.
      • What are your calculations to justify your price?
  • Wind Energy Leasing and Title Curative
    • Researching and conducting a successful land campaign with landowners and communities in order to procure the options, leases, easements and purchases of property necessary for a utility-scale wind farm. A discussion on the types of site control agreements as well as the curative needed to create clean and equitable land control rights and encumbrances for title insurance policies associated with debt and tax equity financing of a wind farm.

AAPL credits: 3.50 CEU




AIPN Offshore Drilling Contract 

This virtual seminar will cover the AIPN Offshore Drilling Contract (2020). Speakers, including one of the drafting co-chairs, will give a practical review of the contract and examine key aspects of the agreement, such as:

- Term
- Basic responsibilities
- Indemnity
- Insurance
- Termination; and
- Remedies for breach

In addition, the session will feature a mock negotiation of the model contract with a focus on the indemnity and insurance provisions. This will be a practical way for attendees to learn how to use the model contract and its various options.

The AIPN Model Offshore Drilling Contract is intended to work in most offshore areas and countries around the world. It is intended to be a fairly balanced contract with the risks, rights, and obligations being about equal for both parties. This contract may be used in conventional shelf operations, or in deepwater operations, and may be utilized for jack-up, semi-submersible, and drillship type drilling units. The contract contains various optional and alternative provisions. Some of the optionality is required due to different drilling environments, countries of operations, and types of drilling unit to be used, while some options will facilitate negotiation of commercial and risk allocation provisions depending on the risks, legal systems, and drilling operations involved.